April 3rd, 2012


(no subject)

I am on the exercise bike tonight, although I really don't want to be. I almost convinced myself not to, but finally talked myself into it by telling myself "I can quit any time".  So I can stop now at nine minutes, or keep going. I might as well keep going another minute.  Some days, that all I do.  Just one more minute after another, until it's been thirty and I finally let myself slow down.


The problem is, I don't feel like writing.


Writing and exercise have become bound together in my mind. Writing is the only thing so engaging it can make me forget I'm exercising. Exercise is the only thing so tedious it forces me to write.


If I could play games on my desktop while exercising, my writing might be in trouble. 


My writing is in trouble anyway, as witnessed by the fact that I am writing about (a) exercise and (b) writing, which are the two dullest topics I ever voluntarily converse about. Yes, even I think this is boring. Why am I doing it? It's better than staring at the exercise bike timer and thinking "16 minutes to go".


Just baely better.


But I can't keep this entry going. I need to write about something less boring or stop exercising. 


A person of less entrenched habits would stop exercising. Me, I'm going to work on Sign and Sacrifice..  Even if I don't know how to write what comes next.