June 11th, 2012


Qualified Success

First, those who said on my last exercise post 'use the lowest gear and pedal as slowly as you can (Terrycloth, Quarrel, Siege, and DetroitFather): you were right. I tackled the Hill of Evil this afternoon, and, by shifting to the lowest gear and pedaling slowly, and not trying to go faster to get it over with, I managed to weave my way to the top without dismounting and walking.  I was wobbling all over the right hand side of the road trying to keep my balance, but I Did It.


That was, say, the first third of a mile.


I went, say, another three-quarters of a mile that was mostly flat or downhill. Then I hit the next hill.  I ran out of steam maybe fifty yards up it, and then found myself not only unable to bike up it, but nearly unable to walk.  I pushed the bike into the nearest puddle of shade, grabbed my drink, circled around in the shade in an effort not to go from 'overworked' straight to 'collapsed', then finally sat down for a couple of minutes because I was feeling dizzy and nauseated.


After that, I turned the bike to home, walked a tiny bit, and collapsed on the couch. I was biking maybe fifteen minutes, tops, but that's all I'm gonna get today. Whew.


So. Stamina.  Need some more of that.