December 14th, 2012


Oh, Right, This Is Why I Don't Buy Clothes Online

I ordered six items online a few weeks ago, and they showed up today. That means it's time to see what I won on Women's Clothing Size Roulette!

* "One-size" underskirt, listed as comparable to a 'medium'. Elastic waist. Fits fine. (This was included as a freebie with my order, or I would not have gotten it).
* Dress, size large. Fits fine, maybe a touch loose.
* Blouse, size large. Much too small, by several inches across the chest.
* Blouse, size large. Slightly too small: buttons up, but compresses my chest and gaps by the buttons and the sleeves are too tight across the shoulder.
* Catsuit, size large: slightly too small; close enough to a fit that I'll keep it, even, because I really like it.
* Catsuit, size XL: .... just ... wrong. Snug in the thigh, too loose at the calves, too loose at the waist, ridiculously too large at the chest. I have no idea what figure this would work on. I'm a 38F, it's not like my chest is small compared to the rest of me. o.O

So, I am keeping half of the order. I am not really sure what lesson I am supposed to learn from this, other than 'women's clothing sizes suck' which I knew. If I could admit defeat on fitting in standard sizes and just order XL, I would, but the XL didn't fit either.  Maybe 'don't buy clothes online'. I'll have to see how awful the return process is with this site.