February 1st, 2013

Me 2012

2 Down, 30 to Go

I'm almost three weeks into the "8 Minutes in the Morning" routine, insofar as I am following it. Which is to say: I have been doing all the exercises, and even in the morning 15 of the 18 times (so far). I have basically ignored the diet portion of the book as Way More Work Than I Am Willing to Put into Food.

This said, I have been eating somewhat less overall than I was in Decemeber or November, but I am not particularly dieting even by my own standards. I have also continued to do cardio, mostly my exercise bike, in the evenings. I am determinedly plugging away at my exercise bike as I type this, because my brain is too numb to compose anything interesting.

I am down two pounds since I started. This is not terribly impressive, but I am pretty happy about it anyway. My current exercise/diet strikes me as fully sustainable -- I can easily see doing this for years without feeling unduly put-upon. So as long as the scale trends downwards, I am cool with this. I don't really expect my weight to continue to go down at a pound a week, but I'll wait until I've plateaued for a few weeks before I decide more drastic action is warranted. Like eating vegetables* or something.

I am only 20 minutes into this workout and already I am out of boring stuff to write about. My brain is going to have to come up with something good for the next 10.

* I actually did buy a giant bag of frozen mixed vegetables a week ago, and Lut steamed some for us to have with rice for dinner yesterday/lunch today. I had some salad dressing by way of sauce. This worked surprisingly well for dinner, although it was less inspired reheated. Anyway, I'll have to do this more than once a week before I count it has a dietary change.