February 15th, 2013

Me 2012

3 Good Things

For yesterday. I did do this for Wednesday, but didn't post it because my phone has gone from 'crashes on copying text' to 'does not paste', which looks like progress but isn't.

1. Boardgame night! I went to Tabletop with Corwyn, and actually played the games that I'd brought and knew how to play already, for a change. I inexplicably won the second game we played of 7 Wonders. The thing I love about 7 Wonders is that I enjoy it even though I never feel like I am doing particularly well.
2. I finished the last of my February letters that were thank-you notes, by request, or replies! .... Now I have to do repeats or letters to random people whose address I happen to know for the rest of the month. If anyone else wants a letter, feel free to direct-message me your address. :)
3. At work, I replied with the giant list o' random info that one of my co-workers had requested, a day early. Making it look like I work here!