February 18th, 2013


3 Good Things

Weekends SO BUSY. Not even time to write down three things.

So, Saturday:

1. Boardgaming with Lut & Fred and the two Michaels. ♥ I even got to play three games I'd played before! For a change. I won a game of Trajan, and came in second in two games of 7 Wonders and one of Le Havre. Le Havre with five players is actually much nicer than with three, surprisingly. The much lower food requirements in 5 player are more than enough to offset the fewer turns you get to take. I forget who won Through the Ages or where I placed -- it was a pretty tight group.
2. I got to one of the scenes I've been looking forward to writing in my new story. Whee!
3. Sitting next to Michael during 7 Wonders and giving each other Pacifist Hugs because neither of us would ever bother to build military units. Hee!

For Sunday:
1. Caught up on laundry yay!
2. Visiting Corwyn for a while to not-play-boardgames, which we have not done lately. (Corwyn has only recently realized how much of a gaming nut I am even though I Have Always Been One, and it's taken him a little aback.)
3. Going to Corwyn's b-day party at Dave & Busters and playing a bunch of large-group arcade games with friends (5-player race, 4 player competitive pac-man, 4-player air hockey, 4-player trivia, and some other games that were one or two-player.)