February 21st, 2013


3 Good Things

For Wednesday:

1. I am writing A Rational Arrangement faster than I'm sharing it. Like, a lot faster. I waited until I had like 10,000 words written before I started sharing it with my alpha-readers, and I've since written another 9000+ words and shared about 6000. I have serious buffer. I don't know that I really need buffer for this, but it's kind of fun. And also nice to see that I can motivate myself even without the "must have something to share RIGHT NOW" incentive.
2. Watching the Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coins Kickstarter explode in unexpected and overwhelming popularity. (From zero to fully funded in THREE MINUTES, folks. :D ) I am kind of sad that howardtayler and sandratayler are going to be buried in fulfillment work on this one, but it's good to see them prospering.
3. Avenging my losses in Stone Age by beating up on terrycloth in Race for the Galaxy. There is still one game I am better than him at!

For Thursday:

1. Snow day! Even though snow as an adult is mostly annoying and I never go out and play in it any more, I remain fond of snow. And getting most of the day off is nice. Ahh, home and all wrapped up in my fuzzy comfy blanket. ♥
2. Snuggling with Lut to warm up when I got home from long trek in snow. ♥ ♥
3. Excited about going to St. Louis for Conflation tomorrow! My street's actually been plowed, which I am taking as a good omen that by the time I leave tomorrow (early afternoon) the roads will be reasonably clear. Snow is supposed to stop by tomorrow morning.