February 26th, 2013


Conflation: Saturday & Sunday

Saturday morning, I woke up way too early and spent an hour lying in bed resting, and then another hour alternating playing with my phone, writing, and resting. Around 10am, I took a bath, dressed in outfit #1 for the day, and Corwyn and I went off to forage for food. We checked out the consuite and decided its offerings were sufficient there for breakfast. The Conflation consuite was pretty good about providing real food and not just sn acks to the attendees, in fact, which was greatt. They pretty much always had PBJ fixings, a veggie tray selection, and rice (and a very tasty rice seasoning made of seawed, sesame seeds, salt and sugar -- gave very much the effect of eating sushi rice. I must buy some for home.) At various times of day, they also had waffles, chili, hotdogs and coldcuts,. If you were not very picky and ate at normal-ish meal times, foraging out of the consuite for the weekend's sustenance was entirely feasible.

The dealers at Conflation vend out of their hotel rooms, so we stopped at Chaos Emporium's room and I bought a mass-market corset and a sheer blouse combo because it looked really cool on the mannequin. I also got a "sexy pirate" costume, because the buccaneer coat it came with was actually pretty cool. After food, I changed into the sheer blouse and wore it with one of my belly-dancer tops over it and a skirt, which was reasonably comfortable.
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