March 6th, 2013

Me 2012

Good things

I haven't done this for a while so I'm just going to do an arbitrary number of them.

1. I got the most adorable card from LadyPeregrine in the mail. ♥
2. Terry and I went back to Alderaan in SW:tOR to do the bonus series, and I'm glad because Alderaan is the prettiest planet. At one point I stopped on one of the bridges and just looked out at the snow-capped mountains and the fir trees and the river for a few moments. Pity Darth Vader blows it all up, really.
3. I am still all excited about writing my current story, to the point of wanting to get up in the morning so I can go write. To the point of "I don't want to make this list because it's time I could be writing fiction".
4. I caught one of Tod's art streams and now I want to draw adorable cartoon animals.
5. Tuftears and Terrycloth. ♥
6. The Month of Letters is over but I'm still writing letters (not everyday). Because it's fun!
7. Lots or boardgaming with Lut, Fred and Sev on Saturday! Including Seven Wonders (one of my favorite games) and Shipyard and three new games I don't remember because I didn't write their names down at the time. Oops.