June 29th, 2013



On Friday, I had a little extra time accumulated at work for the week, like I usually do. I thought about emailing* my boss "I'll be leaving at 4PM today", but didn't because I so often leave at 4PM and she never cares. She IM'd at 11AM that she was almost done with my annual review and just needed her manager to sign off on it. "Cool," I said, and promptly forgot because I didn't actually care and at both Toddler and Baby Bank, annual reviews almost always ran months late and this was practically on time.

* The rest of my department works in Arkansas -- I'm the only remote staff member.

At 4PM, I headed out, leaving my backpack behind because I wanted to jog home. My wrists have been bothering me during/after biking lately -- I'm wondering if new biking gloves would help, if it's from the padding on my current ones wearing out -- so I'd walked to work that morning. I did my super-slow jog for three circuits near the bank. I wanted to do a fourth circuit by the bank, for about 6k, which has pretty much been my limit for jogging, but I was pretty worn out after the third so I just jogged the rest of the way to home, going a little bit farther to bring me to an even 5k. As I was cooling down, I noticed I had a voice mail on my phone. My boss had called at a little after 4PM -- surprising! I called her back, and discovered that my review had to be completed by month-end (ie, now) and "completing it" meant "I have to initial it and scan it back to my boss". I don't have a printer at home. Gah! We were terribly apologetic at each other -- me for failing to tell her I was going to leave early, her for not telling me this had to be done today. Tired, hot, and sweaty, I hopped on my bike to get back to the bank, print it out, go over the review with her (which was fine), initial it, and scan it back to her.

Then I went home again, took a shower, and collapsed.

My legs are still sore today from jogging yesterday. Jogging is more exhausting than biking generally -- when I bike, I spend some time coasting and some pedaling slowly, and even super-slow jog is more effort than pedaling slowly. But I think that practice is a big factor: whatever you do most often is going to be easier than a form of exercise you do rarely.

Still, was not in the mood for a 25+ mile bike ride today. Maybe tomorrow. ;)