September 14th, 2013


Flight Rising bios

Flight Rising has an "information" space on each dragon. Being the sort of person who can't leave that sort of thing blank, I put little bios into the space -- always notes on what lair a dragon came from (because the system tracks parents but the parents can be exalted or leave their original lair, so that data is not kept otherwise) -- and usually a few other character bits.

There's a glitch that occasionally eats the description. I think, having seen it happen a few times today, it only happens when you go to the dragon's page, edit the description, save it, and then bond with the dragon's familiar. But i'm not sure, so I decided to extract the descriptions and I'm posting them here for safekeeping.

I was fostered from Alinsa's lair and into Rowyn's when I was a hatchling, in exchange for DelaRenta. We were the prettiest hatchlings of our clutches, and I was Cloudkeeper's first fosterling.

I'm one of the clan's warriors; sometimes it's a little strange to be channeling lightning in service to Windsinger, but the monsters are friend to no dragon. I know my parents are proud of me, too.

I was born to Rowyn's lair. Smokelove, my father, has never liked having me here, a fate I share with my elder half-brother, Stormson. I don't let his disapproval bother me, but I did leave the lair for a time. I earned groom-price for the lair and went to Terranova's, where I mated with Dyr and sired three children. My mate and two of our children have gone to serve Plaguebringer since then. When I saw Rowyn again, I was at the auction house again, for a lower groom-price than I'd left for.

"Confidence! What are you doing here?"

"No room for me at the new lair, I'm afraid."

"How are you? You all right?"

"Oh, certainly."

She looked hard at me. "When did you last eat?"

"I don't know. Yesterday sometime? It's fine, m'lady, I get enough."

She snorted. "Do you want to come home, Confidence? I've missed you."

"... yes."

So I came home, to the loving embrace of my mother and half-brother, and the snorting glower of my father. One cannot have everything, I suppose.
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