October 31st, 2013



I'd been planning to do Nanowrimo this year -- I was even writing a post about how I was going to do it -- but as I wrote it, I was listing off the reasons the timing was terrible:

1) I haven't finished A Rational Arrangement yet (probably 15-25k from the end at this point).
2) I'm going to be out of town from 11/1 to 11/6 (visiting terrycloth in Seattle, if any Seattle folks want to meet up!) so not writing then.
3) Contra is the weekend I get back, so not much writing then either. Which makes Novemember more like a 22 day month for writing purposes.

And then Lut commented that he doesn't like it when I do Nanowrimo because I disappear for a month into writing and stressing about word count.

And I realized the only reason I was going to do it is:

1) A bunch of my friends are.


I didn't even *like* doing Nano the one year I did it, and I never finished the book I got to 50k on then. (In 2007).

So. Never mind. I'm just gonna finish RA at my current pace of 5k or so a week and decide whatever comes next after that.

To all you people doing Nano: good luck and have fun! Maybe some year it'll seem like an actual good idea for me to do it again myself. :)