December 13th, 2013

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A few of my friends have been talking about using their LJs more often, which has reminded me that my own LJ has been pretty barren lately. Unless you happen to be one of the eight or so volunteers to read the romance novel I've been working on, in which case it's been three entries a week (sometimes four) almost every week since February or so.

A Rational Arrangement has so far been the quickest and easiest novel I've yet worked on; I have been consistently plugging away at it since late January. It is, nonetheless, not ... quite ... finished. In May, I thought I would finish by September. By August, I thought maybe October. On November 1, I was sure I'd finish by 11/30. By the end of November, I thought in the first week of December. Maybe the second. At the latest.

It's the 13th. Pretty sure I'm not finishing it tomorrow either.

If this were any other book or story I'd worked on, this would be because I'd slowed down or stopped writing. But no. I've been writing steadily the whole time. It's just ... long. Very, very long. It is nearly as long as the doorstopper world-spanning fantasy I finished writing in 2004.

Book you are a light fluffy romance why are you not done yet staaaahp.

For my next romance, I'm thinking I'll have just one straight couple. Maybe that will be shorter. -_-

Hopefully this one will be done by year-end, because I make my writing goal for the year by a lot if I finish it. And I blow it completely if I don't, which would be kind of sad after all this steady effort. I have a minimum of seven scenes left to write. The way I've been going, those will probably be padded out a bit further.

... I'm not sure I can finish this in 18 days. I will try though!

Life outside of book-writing has also been good. Lut and I have been watching a few TV series regularly, both superhero shows: "Marvel: Agents of Shield" and "Arrow", based on DC's Green Arrow. I like "Agents of Shield" better. It has a sense of humor. I also like that they were willing to give Agent Phil Coulson a show, because I adore the character. I wish they hadn't decided they needed to stuff the rest of the cast with gorgeous youths to make up for having one normal-looking middle-aged guy.

Terry and Alinsa and I have been playing mostly the same rotation of games in the evenings. I need to learn some new ones so we can expand the rotation, but I have been too burnt-out to put any effort into gaming. :/

Work has been annoying. I still need to go through the helpful SQL advice I got a week or two ago (thanks, guys! ♥) and try to apply it, but I have been distracted by non-SQL stuff and have not gotten to it. Grump.