December 31st, 2013


Goal Recap

My goals for 2013 were ... *checks*:

Keep score: This meant "track what I've done in accordance with my fiddly scoring system." I did this. The spreadsheet wasn't updated daily, but I never let it go so long that I couldn't reconstruct my results. I think this is the best I've ever done since I started tracking. I am pretty sure this is directly because I was working steadily on A Rational Arrangement. Nothing makes me want to record my progress like knowing there's been a meaningful amount of it.

Score 30,000 points. This was my super-ambitious goal, because I only scored 27,000 points last year. How'd I do? 45,780. Yes, I scored over 150% of my goal. 20,000 of that was from finishing a gargantuan novel. But even if I hadn't finished RA, I would've been close to my goal, which amazes me.

The first draft of A Rational Arrangement weighs in at a whopping 209,464 words. All of which was written between Jan 20 and Dec 30 of this year. This also stuns me. It means I wrote an average of 608 words per day -- a bit over 2 pages -- every day, including weekends, just on this book.

RA was the big accomplishment of the year, but it wasn't the only fiction I wrote -- I also did some Flight Rising fanfic, worked on an unfinished story from the Tarot card prompts, and wrote a not-quite-finished prequel novella with two of the RA protagonists. Collectively, including world-building notes for RA, it works out to about 240,000 words.

On the illustration front: almost a complete absence of activity at all. I did sketches of the three RA protagonists and that was pretty much it for the year. For someone who is more-or-less capable of drawing, I do incredibly little of it.

On the blogging front: I did more blogging than drawing this year, but still not as much as in years past. I had a goal of getting 2/3rds of my points from fiction, and the actual was over 9/10ths. This was ... too little blogging, in fact. I didn't mean to quit writing about my life and thoughts, and in the last three months I've written five posts. Yikes.

Write more fiction: Goal: OVERACHIEVED. I can dial back on this one next year. Well, maybe not on "writing more fiction" but certainly on writing more relative to my blogging.

Post the occasional status update: My target was four. I did two. Oops. Perhaps going into "write all the time" mode dampens my enthusiasm for writing-about-writing. Anyway, the purpose of the status updates was to keep me on track, and since I crushed my goals with great crushiness, two posts was obviously sufficient to the task. Mission accomplished!

tl;dr version:

Started and finished the first draft of a book in a single year!

Wrote more than twice as much fiction as last year!

Exceeded my target by 50%!

Conclusion: TOTAL VICTORY. \o/