January 1st, 2015


2014 Wrap-Up

I never actually wrote goals for 2014. I wrote some goals for January, February, and May, and then I gave up for the year.

So this is more "what I did" than my usual year-end scorecard.

General Fitness

I estimate that I exercised about as much last year as I have been for the last several years: ie, biking 30-80 miles a week or so. I exercise less in the winter because my exercise bike is so much less fun than biking outside. -_-

I am up two pounds from my weight at this time last year. My diet is as bad as ever. Maybe worse.


I wrote the second draft of A Rational Arrangement. alltoseek read it for the first time, and had a bunch of suggestions, most of which I agree with, unfortunately. This is unfortunate because it means I should actually implement them (if I disagreed I could just ignore them and that would be much easier). So I want to do a third draft. Or at least, I want to have a third draft done and no one is going to do it for me.


Blogging I wrote about 75 blog posts last year, not including posts of A Rational Arrangement for my beta-readers.
Fiction I wrote some new scenes for RA in the process of revising it. I also wrote assorted dragon bios in Flight Rising. And I resumed work on Birthright, the sequel to Silver Scales, in November. That last was most of my new writing for the year, about 23,000 words.
RoleplayI started a new play-by-email game, "Elect", which by the grace of my players hasn't died yet. I need to respond to some posts for it.

Art Stuff

I bought a new sketchbook and did a bunch of small sketches and color pieces in it. Almost all of it was simple stuff, though I did do one large illustration that I gifted to koogrr. I also colored one of the pictures from one of haikujaguar's coloring books. Coloring in a coloring book takes me a lot longer now than it did when I was 5.

Other Stuff

I traveled more than usual last year: attending Conflation in St. Louis, a few trips to see terrycloth in the Seattle area, a trip to go to a bunch of concerts with alinsa in the bay area, attending shaterri and quarrel's wedding, going to my parents' 50th anniversary celebration, the Europe trip with M, and visiting koogrr in Toronto. It was a good year for traveling.

2015 Goals

I'm going to make this very simple! I have one goal for the year.

Write a post each month on what I did in the prior month.

I've had this as a goal in most years, and I don't think I've ever actually done it for every month. This year, I have a secret weapon! Not only is this my only goal (so it should be easy to remember!) but I put a reminder on my Google calender to do it. I will even make up a form to fill out! I will make it so easy for myself!

And then we'll see if I still flub it by June.

These are the default topics. I am allowed to leave one off if including it and saying "I didn't do any of this" is too depressing for me. And I can add other topics if I feel like it.

The Business of Writing

"The business of writing" includes things like editing, posting a public serial, publishing, getting a website, etc. "Gaming" is mostly intended for me to talk about roleplay, but I might talk about other games. "Socializing" is mostly for "seeing people other than Lut in person in a social setting". I don't socialize every month.