April 2nd, 2015


March End-of-Month Update

It's a new month! I still haven't forgotten my NYR! Or failed it.

The weather improved dramatically this month, so I've been doing lots more biking. Including a few 25+ mile rides on the weekend.

Also, in my head, it is more "trouble" to put my bike in a car trunk and drive it to a bike trail than it is to bike 16 miles (round trip) to the same trail. I think if I ever buy a car, I should get a bike rack for it.

I wrote a couple of book reviews (I actually need to write some more -- I am behind on reviewing) and a handful of LJ entries, plus a small amount of Flight Rising fanfic.

The Business of Writing
I finished editing A Rational Arrangement!

... I spent more time editing it than I did writing it. Oif. Let's not do that again.

Alinsa is kindly typesetting it for me. I'll start serializing it sometime this month, after I figure out where I am serializing it other than "on LJ". The e-book will come out in May or June, at a guess.

I started work on the cover design. My current plan is to release it as an e-book with a simple cover that I'll do myself.  When I'm done serializing it, I may run a Kickstarter to see if I can raise money for a real artist to do an illustrated cover.

Been doing a lot more art lately, mostly as a soothing activity rather than out of any particular desire to either (a) illustrate something or (b) get better at illustrating things. So I've asked for prompts on Twitter and done little sketches: sometimes with color markers, sometimes pencil, but all small, in my 6x6" sketchbook. In between those, I'd color in one of haikujaguar's coloring books.  In March I did 26 sketches and finished two coloring book pages.

I did a very rough sketch for a potential cover of A Rational Arrangement. Then I decided I needed a reference picture for the poses if I was to have any hope of making it look all right, and gave up. Maybe I will get a ref pic taken at some point and try again.

As March neared the end, I realized that my statement at the end of February that "I haven't yet killed my PBEM" was in danger of no longer being true. So I finally started posting to the PBEM, at which point it instantly revived. ♥ my players.

I met up with an old friend of mine at Planet Comicon, where he was selling his comic books ( http://www.sunday-superheroes.com). I'd been in a couple of PBEMs he'd run some years back, and we talked about starting a new one. I'm going to use the "Guardian Angel" superhero concept I came up with a couple of years back, but I still need to write it up as a character under the current incarnation of the house rules/Champions hybrid that Bradley uses.

I attended Planet Comicon for one day, including my first-ever experience manning a table at a con. It was very low pressure, since the table was for the d20 Girls, which is a nonprofit organization more about making women welcome in fandom than selling products. Also, there was always at least one other person with me, and I was only on duty for three hours total. It was more an excuse for me to sit and draw for a while than anything else.

In retrospect, volunteering for a few bours turned out to be the best way to experience the event. First, it meant I didn't have to pay for a ticket to a very expensive con. Second, it gave me a place to sit, draw, and let people come to me (even if I was nominally 'on' and therefore endeavoring to look perky, alert, and friendly towards anyone who strayed near). Third I mainly go to cons for fannish companionship, and Planet Comicon was HUGE and NOT COMPANIONABLE. There's not much in the way of panels, so it's basically 20,000 people wandering around a gigantic dealer's area or waiting in line to pay media guests for pics and signatures. So you're basically spending a lot of money for the opportunity to spend a lot more money buying stuff.

It's really not my scene. Even the "big name" guests are all actors, and while I'm not going to say "actors are boring", I am a lot more interested in talking to writers.

In that vein: I did get to hang out with Randy Milholland of Something Positive for a while, which was fun. He even kind of  remembered me, which I hadn't expected. (I met him a few years ago at a local gaming con, and I was in a Little Fears session he ran at it.) I remain amused by how totally different his in-person demeanor (friendly, helpful, and welcoming) is from his online demeanor (curmudgeonly and grumpy).

Corwyn was helping one of the vendors at this event. He's interested in vending at it some time, and offered to buy me a pass if I'd help him at his table, so I may do the con again. I doubt I'd go as a regular attendee, though. It just doesn't seem like that much fun, and it doesn't attract many guests/dealers that I'd want to see in person.

Outside of the con, I saw Corwyn a couple of times, but I was mostly in hermit mode.

I think this month was pretty good overall, though I do feel more than ever that there's not enough time for everything I want to do. I am trying to spend more time doing things I care about, and less time on mindless webbrowsing or staring into space. Part of me does believe that if I spent most of my day doing things that matter, then it's okay that not everything got done. It'll get done eventually.