August 6th, 2015

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The Next Story in the RA Setting, and a Contest

I've been working on short stories novelettes in the same setting as A Rational Arrangement. I have rough drafts for the first two now. While I was writing the second, I complained about my process on Twitter:

Step 1: Write outline, with 6 scenes.
2: Finish scene 1 of 7 scenes.
3: Finish scene 2 of 8.
4: On scene 3 of 8.
5: Scene 5 of 9 ...

*finishes scene 6 of ... 8? 9? something like that* #amwriting

*finishes scene 8 of 10*
*grumbles at long-winded side-tracking characters* DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A PLOT IS, CHARACTERS?

*finishes scene 10 of 6 10 11? some finite number in her short story novelette*

*finishes scene 11 of dammit 12 will be the LAST ONE y'hear me?*

*finishes writing scene 12 of 6*

By the time I got to scene 10 or so, my Twitter-friends had started to place bets on how many scenes the story would actually take.

A few days ago, I wrote an outline for a new short story. Actually writing it ... did not go well. Also from Twitter:

*starts to write story*
Characters: "wait, how did we get here?"
Me: "You start here."
Chars: "... so there's a flashback later?"
Me: "No, there's no flashback."
Chars: "But how did our relationship get to this point?"
Me: "It just did. It was boring. Let's move on."
Chars: *stare* "No. We can't just 'be here'! We need background!"
Me: "This story is already gonna run too long! You can't have a prelude!"
Chars: *stare* *dig claws in* *refuse to move*
Me: "ARGH. Fiiiiiiiine."
Me: *writes new outline for earlier story*
Me: *looks at new 10-scene outline* "This is gonna run 20 scenes and 30,000 words, isn't it?"
Chars: *purrrrr*
Me: "I hate you all."

Because I thought the bets on how many scenes it would take were funny, I am going to run a silly contest: Guess how many scenes the story will run! Winner gets a free sketch.

You can also guess "author abandons story", which certainly does happen from time to time. If you do, you should predict the scene # when I quit work on it. For purposes of this contest, the story will be considered abandoned if (a) I say I'm shelving it or (b) over two weeks pass without me writing anything more on it.

In the event of a tie, I'll choose a winner at random from those closest to the correct number of scenes. Entries close tomorrow night!

Bets so far:

alinsa: 12
@ThePaperMedley: 13
archangelbeth: 16
tuftears: 20
iron_fox21: 21