January 2nd, 2016

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2015: Year in Review

I accomplished the one goal I set at the start of 2015! Which was "write monthly updates". Good job, Past Me!

I don't really need to recap my recaps, but I will anyway.

My current weight is 173 pounds. I know that I've gained 15 pounds since the last time I tried to lose weight, in 2014. I don't remember how much of that gain was in 2015, which is why I'm writing my weight down now.

I may try dieting again this year. I dunno. I'm not sick of exercising but I am still tired of fighting with food, which is why I didn't in 2015.


I finished one novella and wrote two other novellas. About 52,000 words. This is more than I wrote in 2014, so I'm trying to be happy about it. It is less than 25% of what I wrote in 2013, though. 2013 Me, you have made every other past and future me look bad by comparison. I hope you're proud of yourself.

(2013 Me is TOTALLY proud of herself).

Anyway, 2016 Me gets to release a book, so that's good.

The Business of Writing


And people bought it! People I don't even know! Over a thousand of them! Not over this yet. Probably not ever getting over this. The list of business accomplishments in bullet-point form:

  • Finished editing A Rational Arrangement

  • Got a website for RA, courtesy of alinsa

  • Began the serial for RA, also courtesy of Alinsa

  • Alinsa typeset RA

  • Set up a business (Alinsa did most of this too)

  • Published A Rational Arrangement

  • 98%-finished edits on Further Arrangements

  • I qualified for and joined SFWA

Do you see that, 2013 Me? Did you do any of that? NO. 2015 Me did. (Okay, Alinsa did like half of that list but still. 2015 Me helped.) My point is, 2015 Me had a lot of stuff to do that you didn't and all of this takes time. So yes, she did less writing, and that is why. SHE WAS NOT SLACKING.


Based on Twitter prompts: Pencil: 31. Marker: 38 Digital: 10
Coloring book pages: 8
Headers for serial installments of
A Rational Arrangement: 108
Cover for RA
Layout sketches for Further Arrangements: 3
The Three Rowyns (a two-page tribute to haikujaguar's excellent The Three Jaguars
Frost & co: 7

That was a lot. I plan to do fewer illustrations in 2016.

I let Elect die, but we resurrected +Terrible Butterflies+, so that's cool.

I am SUCH a hermit. I can actually list almost every time I did a social activity in 2016:

  • Conflation in St. Louis

  • Corwyn's birthday party

  • Planet Comicon

  • TableTop Day at Tabletop*

  • Delain/Sabaton/Nightwish concert in LA, where I spent a weekend and met up with Alinsa and level_head

  • Seattle to see terrycloth in June, and also saw chipuni and Eli.

  • Maker's fair

  • Renfaire

  • ContraKC

  • Seattle in November

  • Alinsa visited me after Christmas for a few days, and we went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

  • Couple of miscellaneous visits for board gaming.

When I was in college, I used to see my friends daily. Even when I was in grad school, I'd still get together with people at least weekly. Now I go months without seeing a friend other than Lut. It's weird.

I would like to travel more in 2016: I want to visit Terry a few times and my parents and my sister at least once, at a minimum. But I am not going to make a goal of getting out more otherwise, because the truth is I really like spending my weekends at home with plenty of time to write and draw and hang out with Lut. Wanting more of one thing means less of another thing, and I don't have anything I am willing to give up.

* TableTop Day is a promotional event initiated by a Youtube show about boardgaming called "TableTop". One of my local gaming stores is, coincidentally, also named "Tabletop". They had that name long before the Youtube show, but are entirely delighted to share it with them. :)

2015 was a good year for me. I made measurable amounts of money off of one of my creative hobbies, for the first time ever. Many people liked my book and told me so. My friends still like me when they see me, even if that is rare. I had several difficult weeks where I was depressed during 2015, but overall, life is good and I am happy.