January 5th, 2016

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2016 Goals

I succeeded at my goal for last year! So I'll make that my goal again this year: post an update at some point each month that describes my activities for the previous month.

I've added a new section to my month-end template, for "Goals for Coming Month", where I can add any short-term goals I might have for the current month.

Since I already did my December review post, I'll put my January goals here:

  • Do the cover illustration for Further Arrangements [finished 1/22/2016]

  • Write the dedication and acknowledgements for Further Arrangements [finished 1/22/2016]

  • Add publications to my author bio [finished 1/23/2016]

  • Do some writing on a novel. (I am not fussy here. This can be writing the outline, or writing pages for it, or whatever. Can be any novel. Don't care. I basically haven't done any writing towards a novel since 2014, and want to do so again.) [Scratched this off 1/23/16: still plan to write more this month, but I've written 6 scenes for Birthright so hey, met the requirement.]

  • Complete thirteen headers for RA. (This is less ambitious than it sounds, because I've already finished six since January 2.) [Edit: Finished this one on January 9.]

  • Write weekly update posts about whatever I've been up to.

That seems like plenty enough goals for one month.

Edit: Bonus items!

  • Write the blurb for FA [This should've been on the list. Finished 1/22/16]

  • Make a bullet-point-by-point scene estimate for Birthright [Finished 1/23/16]

  • Grayscale illustrations for the title page of Further Arrangements and the three novellas [just variants on the cover illos].

Apparently that wasn't enough for one month?

Don't be getting any ideas about how productive you can be, self. This was an outlier! Also, too many items on the to-do list is will crush your soul. Modest goals I overshoot are much better than ambitious ones I miss.