February 2nd, 2017

Me 2012

January in Review

As usual, I am keeping up with exercise and not paying much attention to what I eat. I am doing a little better this week than the last several. I bought a bag of mandarin oranges a week ago and have almost finished it now, so I ate more fruit this month than usual. \o_

I got the mandarin oranges because one of my co-workers had bought a bag and gave me a few and they were SO GOOD. Sweet and not at all tart. Then the ones I got myself were much more orange-y and not nearly as delicious. Alas. But at least they're a convenient size.

According to 4thewords, I wrote 66,000 words in January. 4thewords counts words written and then deleted on the site, which means that if I cut-and-paste words to move them around, they get counted twice. It also does weird things like "count words a second time if you italicize them". So. Not the very best kind of tracker. But it's a site under active development, so some of the weirdness may well get fixed at some point. Moreover, since I used to never track the word count for my LJ posts and notes and other miscellanea, it's nice to have something that gives me a rough estimate of them. Anyway, my guess for the breakdown:

Fellwater: 27,700 (not a guess, I actually totaled this one)
Dragon bios: 3,500
Journal Entries: 15,000
Miscellaneous notes related to fiction and editing: 5,000
Forum posts & emails: 6,000
Deleted/repasted words and other 4thewords oddities: 8,800

For my convenience for the next update: Fellwater is at 80,800 words, plus 4900 words of notes, for 85,700 total in the project. I thought that this novel would be 100,000 words or so, but I've been ridiculously long-winded about it so now I'm not sure. I am kind of tempted to quit with this thing and work on something with a little more mainstream appeal and a lot less kinky sex. But I don't have anything I am eager to work on, so I am still poking away at it for now.

The Business of Writing
I edited 329 pages of The Warlock, the Hare and the Dragon, which was a little over my goal. \o/ On the other hand, my list of "things I should change but have skipped past instead" is getting longer. To the point where I need to make a real list of it and not just little scattered notes alongside the post-facto outline. (I didn't write an outline before writing WHD so I made one afterwards. I am not sure how helpful this really is but it makes me feel like I have a better handle on the work as a whole.)

I did a couple of headers, I think? Mostly I am re-using headers for TME at this point. I haven't really been drawing. If I want to do something mildly productive, I've been playing 4thewords instead.

I had several bad days in January. It's hard to say how much of this is me and how much is the state of the nation. The latter is certainly depressing enough.

Goals for coming month

* Edit 180 pages of The Warlock, the Hare, and the Dragon
* Make a to-do list of everything I still want to change but haven't yet.

I am not going to finish edits in February. I had 11 days off in January and only 9 in February, and moreover I'm going to Conflation so only 6 days off in practice. I have 249 pages left. I really wanted to at least finish the current pass, but looking at the actual timeframe: bleh. I will make an effort to finish the current pass, but I'm not making it a goal because that's just setting myself up for failure. Also, the last 249 pages contain a lot of scenes that I want to make real changes to, not just rubber-stamp.

In related news: I keep thinking that (a) I want beta readers to be able to read both books together and (b) I need to do more research to revise the sequel. Realistically, it will take at least four months to revise the sequel. So unless something changes, that'd mean I don't get anything to beta readers until July. Which puts "starting the serial" out to August or September, and publication to October.

... or I can suddenly start researching and revising at like 10 times my current pace and not have this take an eternity. Or I could have some beta-readers read the unrevised sequel, I suppose. I kind of hate having people read something I know I'm going to change anyway, but the reason to have people read it in conjunction with the first book is mostly "do I need to change anything in Book 1 because of Book 2?" and revision will not affect that part substantially.


Well, we'll see how February goes.