April 6th, 2017

Me 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure -- interest?

I'd like to run a Choose Your Own Adventure-style game, probably on Twitter, possibly in parallel on Dreamwidth & Mastodon.

The game will be a fantasy romance. Other factors -- player gender, orientation, social status, species, central conflict, etc. -- will be chosen by poll. Whatever is most popular in the set-up polls will determine the game's beginning.

Gameplay will be a handful of tweets per day or so: a couple hundred words, max. There'll be a poll to determine what the protagonist does next. But with the gameplay polls, I will roll % to determine which option wins. This way, players can write-in options and those will have a chance of happening.

I will reserve two (2) GM Fudges Roll options, where I can pick the winner myself because I like a particular write-in option. I'll only do this for write-ins, and only if I think the write-in is good for the protagonist. If/when I do this, I'll announce it.

If there's interest on any given platform, I'll run the game in parallel. Each game will have the same start, but Dreamwidth polls and comments would only direct the Dreamwidth game. Twitter polls and comments could take the game in a different direction on Twitter. The same people can play on multiple platforms, I don't care.

This post is to gauge interest -- if you'd like to play, leave a comment.

* I am going to continue to mirror DW to LJ. People leaving comments on LJ will count as playing in the DW game. I don't think the polls will import to LJ, though, so you'll have to come to DW if you want to vote in a poll.