January 30th, 2018

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New Book Launch: Golden Coils!

Golden Coils

They saved his soul ... now it's time to save her world!
When Bia is forced to flee the Mark Isles, Sir Kildare brings her to his native Dumagh to seek asylum. Bia knows Kildare feels indebted to her for her part in his salvation. But she loves him too much to want him bound to her by gratitude.
Since they banished Fiona Gascoigne's demon, they assume she no longer poses a threat. But there is a reason Gascoigne has never feared damnation, and her ambition and capacity for evil extends far beyond anything Bia or her son could imagine...

Author Commentary

Golden Coils is the sequel to Silver Scales, which I published in November. I imagine that does not make it "long-awaited" for most people, but I started to write this book in 2006. I have been waiting for this for a long time! I am delighted by the final results, and I look forward to hearing the reactions of readers.

Golden Coils
is the second book of the duology and concludes those arcs that were not resolved by Silver Scales. So if you prefer to binge-read series, now is the time to get them both! I may someday revisit this world, but the story now does not demand a sequel the way Scales did.

Silver Scales for $2.99!

Now is also a good time to get both because Silver Scales is on sale through February 2!

Other Stuff

M.C.A. Hogarth publishedBusiness for the Right-Brained so recently even she hasn't sent out her newsletter announcing it yet! This collects and adds new material to a series of essays she published on her blog some years ago. This is my very favorite business book: a book so delightful I read it with enthusiasm long before I made any efforts to make money at a creative endeavor. It is chock-full of good advice offered with kindness, consideration, and adorable jaguar illustrations.

This book, y'all. It is wonderful. I drew a mini-comic in tribute to these essays a couple of years ago:

That is how much I love it. If you are interested in creative endeavors or in business, this book is not only well worth reading. It is also just plain fun to read. *hugs her copy forever*
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