November 5th, 2018


October in Review


It's getting colder and darker, so I haven't done as much biking this month. Pokemon GO is still giving me a reason to get out and walk most days, however. Niantic is also adding a feature to have Pokemon GO autosync with a fitness app, so that Pokemon GO will count you as walking even if you don't have the app on screen. I suspect this will add a little motivation boost for me, as there are times where I'd be more inclined to walk if Pokemon would count kilometers walked while I was using Evernote or Discord or Chrome.


The first draft of The Princess, Her Dragon, and Their Prince is DONE. AT LONG LAST. I wrote 15,800 words and the final total is 134,928. That will change. I don't know yet if edits will make it longer or shorter.

I wrote another 11,800 words of Frost, bringing it up to 120,381.

I created a rough outline for The Twilight Etherium. It could use some more refining, but it's solid enough to make a start.

The Business of Writing

Final edits on Frost and Desire are now complete and I've handed it off to Alinsa for layout. It'll probably come out in December or January. December would be nice because then I'd have four releases for the year, just like a normal year for Maggie! January would be nice because then I will have a head start on 2019's releases. Realistically, I do not think I am a four-books-a-year writer at this stage of my life. If I didn't have a Day Hobby and/or Lut did not have cancer, then maybe. As it is, three books is doable, and two books is definitely reasonable. We're ten months into this year and I have drafted two books and edited three. Drafting another complete book this year is probably not happening.


I put together the cover for Frost and Desire. This did not involve much new art, just me squidging about with how to crop the picture and how to get the title on there. I am mostly content with it now, though I might futz with the picture a bit more.


On Community Day, a guy handed me a business card for a Pokemon GO Discord channel for raiders in my area. So I now have a way of talking to locals who play! I have not had time to exploit this ability at all, because I do all my Pokemon GO during the week in the area around my house, which is not a good area for raids. I don't want to spend forty minutes commuting into the city, where the good areas are, on a weeknight. And last weekend I went to Seattle. And next weekend has Gengar Day, and the weekend after that is November's Community Day and also Contra KC. So I might just do those events rather than trying to get together with specific locals. We will see how ambitious and social I feel. I do want to catch the Halloween raid boss and I'm not sure I want to wait for Community Day to have a shot at it.

Ooh, and I got another EX Raid pass and caught a second Deoxys. Deoxys does not appear to be a useful Pokemon to have multiples of, but maybe it'll stop being Mythical at some point and I can trade one to my friends.

I won another raid against Mewtwo on Community Day, but did not catch it. Alas! So I'm probably not getting another Mewtwo. But I have two already and the non-EX-Raid Mewtwo doesn't have the l33t combat move so it doesn't seem to matter much.

Also on Community Day, I caught a lot of Beldums and then forgot to evolve any of them until I got home 56 minutes after the event ended. And I was like "but I have until an hour after so IT'S NOT TOO LATE!"

And then the app crashed.


I managed to get it working 59 minutes and 10 seconds after the event ended, and evolved one Beldum to Metang and then Metagross in time to get meteor swarm. But the second one I evolved was too late. Of course, "Metagross with Meteor Swarm" turns out to be super overpowered and it would be great to have, like, the FOUR of them that I could've had if I'd remembered sooner. 9_9 Well, at least I got one. This is better than I did with the Meganium evolution, where I forgot entirely.

One of the lessons from this is that I should look up before Community Day whether or not a Community-Day-only pokemon is going to be OP. (Yes, people who are not me know the game and moves and pokemon well enough that they can tell this stuff). Knowing that "yes, this will be a great pokemon with this move" will probably improve my chances of remembering to evolve them before it's too late.


I went to see Terrycloth yessssssss. So many hearts. Also, my local friend Corwyn and his wife took Lut and me out to dinner, and I drove to Lawrence to see Jen. I feel like I am almost at a normal amount of socializing for an adult!

Okay not really, but I am a homebody and this much is fine.

Scorecard for last month
I did all of my September goals! Lut is getting palliative radiation for his back pain now, which is a quick treatment every morning for two weeks (with weekends off). He did two of the ten in October. His sixth one will be tomorrow.

I also finished edits on Frost and finished the draft of Princess.

The "decide what I'm writing" goal came out kind of squidgy, since my decision was to not decide. But you still have made a choice, as the Rush song points out, so I think that's good enough. At this stage, I have published 8 books, finished 9, and completed 11 drafts. I no longer feel like I need to commit to one project at a time in order to prove to myself that I can Finish Things. I have finished things. It's okay to work on projects in whatever order works best for me.

Goals for coming month

* Take care of Lut
* Write 50,000 words of something(s) for Nanowrimo. This will probably be The Twilight Etherium, because its outline is in the best shape. My other ideas are still amorphous. But I have decided that I am just going to count anything I write for Nano this year, because I'm tired and why not. So I can work on various outlines and notes some more, or I can dive into writing, or I can alternate books. Whatever sounds best at the time. Honestly, if it wasn't Nano, I would probably take the next couple of weeks off. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.