January 23rd, 2020

Me 2012

Strange Planet, by Nathan Pyle

I reserved this book at the library, having learned my lesson with Brosh that I will postpone buying any book over $5 indefinitely, given the choice. The library got it in for me on the 10th and told me they'd hold it to the 20th. I think we were having freezing rain or snow on the 10th, so I didn't pick it up immediately, and then forgot about the hold entirely until late in the evening on the 20th. At that point, I was about to rush out the door to pick it up when Lut suggested I could extend the hold time online. I went to the website and discovered I couldn't extend the hold time, and also that the library was closed for Martin Luther King Day. I called on Tuesday to see if they still had it for me, and the librarian agreed to hold it until the evening for me.

Then I forgot again. >_<

This morning, I rushed out despite some slush on the roads, arrived at the library just as they were unlocking the doors, and scurried to the hold shelves. Victory!

Strange Planet collects Nathan Pyle's twitter/instagram comic into a single volume, with some bonus strips that didn't appear on the web. The style of the comic is "have alien-looking characters use odd/awkward phrases to describe ordinary events and things, and thereby make them funny." I enjoy the comics and liked the book, although I think it works better read a few at a time than all at once. A lot of the details are cute: the beings all look basically the same, varying only occasionally in size. None of them have gender markers and the author almost never uses third-person pronouns. On the rare occasion that there is a third-person pronoun, it's "they". There's little continuity between the strips, just one-off gags. It's worth reading, and a very quick read -- maybe half an hour or so. This entry was originally posted at https://rowyn.dreamwidth.org/646225.html. Please comment there using OpenID.