February 1st, 2020


Call for First Readers: Spark of Desire

I've finished initial edits on Spark of Desire, the unnecessary polyamorous sequel to Frost and Desire. I suppose I should write a blurb for it.

Six years ago, Spark's lover Komyau volunteered for an experimental process that gave him sorcerous powers -- a process the Convocation of Sorcerers was certain was safe, and went on to use on thousands more individuals in the intervening years. When Komyau becomes gravely ill, Spark contacts Thistle, the individual who invented that process, to save his life.

Spark never expected her lover to fall for Thistle, or that Thistle and his husband, Frost, might be open to a polyamorous relationship. For his part, Frost never realized that his best friend already was polyamorous. But that should not matter: Spark is a centaur and not attracted to elfs like Frost. Right?

But if sorcerers can be mistaken about simple matters like attraction, they can make mistakes with far graver consequences -- and perhaps that experimental process is not so safe as everyone thought ...

This is a four-person partner-swap romance: four characters with two pairings each, two M/F and two M/M. It is extremely fluffy and generally has none of the content warnings of the first book, other than "contains characters who experienced rape in the past and sometimes refer to this experience."

Spark of Desire is a self-contained story and you don't need to have read Frost to enjoy it, although it will probably make more sense if you have. If you'd like to be a first reader, please leave a comment here or on Twitter or Mastodon or wherever with your email address. Comments are screened and your email will not be made public.

Thank you!

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