September 1st, 2021

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August 2021 in Review


I took another trip in August, this time to visit my sister and attend my nephew’s wedding. It was pretty great. I ate too much because wedding and attendant festivities, but not as much so as when I visit Seattle, because I mostly ate home-cooked foods. Also, my sister is conscientious about serving vegetables at every meal, and I am conscientious about eating vegetables if someone else goes to the trouble of making them for me. So in some ways, I ate better than I do at home.

On my first morning there, I asked my sister what she did for exercise, because she’s always been pretty active. She gave me a downcast look. “Oh, no, I want to get back to hot yoga but I haven’t. I don’t really get any exercise anymore.”

And after that, I went with her on her usual morning walk-with-the-dogs, which was about a mile. Then we visited her mother-in-law, and walked a few blocks to go get lunch, and a few blocks to get a snack, and a few blocks to go back to her MIL’s house. And then a few blocks to go to the farmer’s market in a park near MIL’s house, and then a block to go to the grocery store. Then we went home and took the dogs for another mile-long walk around the neighborhood.

Basically, my sister’s idea of “I don’t exercise at all” is the same as my idea of “sufficient exercise.” I counted every day of my visit as having exercised. XD So I did much better on that front than I had in July.


Continued writing A Game to You! I am at about 30% through the outline now, after writing another 18,000 words to bring the total to 39,000. Progress is not swift, but I’m making it.

The Business of Writing

Alinsa is still wrestling with formatting on You Thought You Wanted to Be Level 99 But Really You Wanted to Be a Better Person. Formatting for this book is rough because there’s a ton of in-game text and I want the in-game text to be visually distinct from the non-game text. It’s a lot. o_o

I did some more editing for Demon’s Alliance, which continues to feel forever away from being completed. Meh.


I forgot my phone when I went to visit my sister, and stopped reading for several days because of that. Also, the M/M contemporary romance that I started in July lost much of my interest around the 45% mark, but it wasn’t quite enough for me to toss it on the DNF pile. Than at about 60% through it went from ‘I guess it’s okay’ to ‘ugh I have lost all patience with this love interest now and I just want the good love interest to dump him.’ I haven’t decided if I’m gonna skim my way to the end or just DNF it after all. -_-


My friends have continued to do the “Craft and Chat” on Saturdays, and I’ve been using it to draw or color. I haven’t done any sketches I particularly like, but it’s practice, yay.


While I was visiting my sister, we played some expansions to Ticket to Ride that I hadn’t played before. She also taught me a new game, Oltre Mare, about Age of Sail merchant ships in the Mediterranean. It was weird and complicated but not bad, although I could totally see why Ticket to Ride variations were the game of choice in the household. Anyway, new game learned!

August Goal Scorecard

  • Assist Lut: Done!
  • Look at goal list occasionally: very occasionally. Being away from home for like 25% of August really through me out of my routine.
  • Write more of A Game to You: Wrote 14% more of the draft!

Stretch goals

  • Exercise 20 times this month: I did this one! Just barely!
  • Consumption tracking: Only kinda sorta, but I’m counting it anyway.
  • Make an art: Very technically.
  • Practice art: Did do this, tho
  • Post a few blog entries, apart from my usual month-in-review: Mostly posted about the Cancer Medication Saga, but technically yes!
  • Learn a new game: Oltre Mare!

September Goals

  • Assist Lut
  • Look at goal list occasionally
  • Get to the 50% mark on A Game to You That last one is kind of ambitious, given how little progress I made in August and that I have avoided all ambitious goals this year. But what the heck. I will ambit!

September Stretch goals

  • Finish A Game to You.
  • Work on notes/outline for a different book
  • Exercise 20 times this month
  • Consumption tracking
  • Make an art
  • Work on cover art for Demon’s Alliance and/or Angel’s Grace
  • Practice art
  • Post a few blog entries, apart from my usual month-in-review.
  • Finish revisions on Demon’s Alliance
  • Start revisions on Angel’s Sigil
  • Maintain bullet journal
  • Learn a new game
  • Finish reading a book I haven’t read before

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