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Anthrocon: Friday morning/afternoon

I think we met mach either Thursday evening or sometime earlyish on Friday, probably both. We ran into him a few times, stopping to chat now and again. He was on staff for Anthrocon and seemed pretty busy much of the time, but it was cool to meet him. He reminded me of his totem animal: long, lean, energetic and often sprinting off somewhere. :)

It surprised me how many people I saw from other parts of the country wearing "Staff" badges. Then again, I know very little about how conventions work, especially large ones. Except that they seem to be an awful lot of work for all involved.

koogrr and I slept in on Friday. By the time we wee ready to get dressed, it was nearly eleven. Naturally, having brought fifteen or twenty outfits for three days, I felt like I had nothing to wear.

Usually, during the day at conventions I like to wear something costume-like, colorful, and relatively modest. I've got a few period dresses that often get pressed into service as day wear. Of course, they're all bulky and wrinkle easily, so I didn't pack any of them. Instead, I'd packed a wide array of black clubwear because none of those pieces individually took up much space, or wrinkled. But I didn't want to prance around in the middle of the day in a black vinyl minidress.

After a little dithering, I selected my black-and-snakeskin spandex bodysuit, with my fold-over suede boots, long gloves, and a black jacket. The result was form-fitting but showed no skin.

We decided to hit the hotel buffet for lunch and forget about breakfast. cargoweasel had recommended the buffet to us last night, and it was all right. A bit pricey for the quality of the food, but better than the usual captive-audience hotel food. We ate lots, in anticipation that we might not have another sit-down meal that day.

A little girl complimented me on my outfit -- there's something especially nice about little-kid compliments, because most young children have not yet learned to lie to be polite so I always figure they mean it. :) The waitress was cool, too: she said she was sorry she had the next day off because she was having so much fun watching the costumers. She planned to bring her son by the next day anyway, so he could see it all.

After lunch, we went up to check on the dealer's room. I bought a copy of Digger from the Plan Nine booth, and wandered over to ursulav's table to have it signed.

I follow her LJ and comment now and again, along with 300 other fans, but she doesn't read mine so I decided not to worry about trying to identify myself. But as she was signing the Digger, she tilted her head and looked at me curiously. "Are you Rowyn from LiveJournal?" she asked.

I laughed. "You did recognize me!" This particularly amused me because she'd warned in an entry before the con that she was terrible about matching faces and names to people she'd been introduced to in person, and bad even at recognizing names of people she knew. But she had said that she'd recognize LJ names when associated with LJ icons. Since my LJ icon is my face, I'd left a comment on her post: 'I wonder if you'll recognize me?'

Even more amusingly, I think she was one of only two people to identify me by appearance alone, without an introduction.

After making a circuit of the dealer's room, we retired to the lobby to draw for a bit. John and I both had headaches, which were putting us out of sorts, so I went to buy some painkillers at the hotel gift shop.

I worked at ideas for a Kinshasa drawing, inspired by one I saw that playfuleye had done two years ago, and was trying to come up with one that would be distinct and yet still have some of the theme that I liked of hers. While we drew, we listened to the conversation of a few people nearby, including one young artist offering this advice to a friend who said she didn't know anyone at the con: "Just go up an talk to people. The best conversations are with people you've never met and start hanging out with while at the con."

A lithe young man dressed in black, with bright red hair, black cat ears, and a belled collar joined them after a bit. I'd already seen him a half-dozen times, and decided to get his name this time: Matt.

I think we ran into shaterri while we were down there. We trooped up to the third floor to check out the art show, because none of us had seen it yet. It was about half an hour to closing when we got there, so we didn't have much time to look around. I was startled to see that Ursula Vernon's "Azaelbunny" print didn't have a bid on it yet. I tried to put a bid on it before the art show closed, but only had enough time to register a bidder number, and not to get back in to the show to mark down my bid. Anthrocon has a rather arduous process for getting a bidder number; I guess they must've had trouble with false bids in the past.

After the art show closed, the three of us decided to head for the game room and try playing a game of Brawl. I'd just purchased three of the "Catfight" decks in the dealer room.

On our way there, we ran across beetiger, the second person to recognize me on sight and -- I think -- the only person I managed to identify based on photographs. bard_bloom and projectmothra were also there, as was ladyperegrine, and we all stopped to chat briefly, before continuing on to our assorted destinations.

At the game room, we met a fellow named Hank who asked if we wanted to play any of a small assortment of games he'd brought with him. shaterri quickly seized on "Ticket to Ride", which he described as "Like Settlers of Catan, only with trains". We acquiesced without a struggle. The game has a maximum of five players, and Hank snagged a fifth for us -- Koogrr recalls his name as Fu Shung*, which sounds close but not quite right.

The main similarity with Settlers was in the simplicity of the rules and the ease of play. There was no trading of cards, which would've made the game very different. At one point, Shaterri joked, "Anyone offering a black train for a sheep? I'm looking for a black train here." I told him I'd want at least a sheep and an ore. :)

As it happened, I managed to win that game, while Hank -- who'd taught us the rules -- came in last. I would've been happy to play again, but the others wanted to break for dinner, so we headed out.

[* Edit: Shaterri says "Fu Young", which I'm pretty sure is right as I recall it sounded like an Americanized Chinese food and seemed like a peculiar name. But that's what his badge said and how he introduced himself.]
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