Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Hi Mom and Dad! *waves*

Yes, I gave my parents the URL for my LiveJournal. And my OpenDiary, for that matter. Not to mention my homepage and links to some Sinai logs. Yes, my parents can now track pretty much my whole life. Maybe this will make up for the fact that I only call once a month. (Ok, probably not. Sorry! I'll try to call more often! :)

I like to talk to my parents, in point of fact. They're cool people and I have a lot in common with them. Especially with my mother, ever since she realized her true nature as a gaming geek like us. :) (I was telling Lut, my boyfriend, that both my parents are readers, and that my mother reads everything, including fantasy and science fiction. He said, "Yes, she struck me as fitting the traditional gaming-geek profile like us." I thought that was funny, but true. Hope you don't mind, Mommy. :) My mother discovered the joys of gaming--specifically, computer gaming--relatively recently, about six or seven years ago, I guess. I will have to write that story down some time, because it's pretty funny. Assuming my mother doesn't warn at me not to...
Tags: life
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