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Anthrocon: Saturday morning & lunch

Despite having gone to bed relatively early on Friday night, koogrr and I had some trouble getting up Saturday morning. Still, we were dressed and out of the room before 10AM. Koogrr wanted to get to the dealer room at opening, to see if he could get his collecting sketchbook to one of the artists he liked before they'd all been booked for the day.

We arrived at the dealer's room 10 minutes before they opened, and there were already several dozen people lined up before the doors. I was wearing my Mousewoman costume, but had forgotten my badge, so I left John waiting in line while I went back for it.

Given the elevators and the 23 floors between the dealer room and ours, the dealer room had just opened by the time I got back. John was nearly inside, and talking to a couple of men I didn't recognize as he approached the entrance.

"Hey, Rowyn, this is Rik, postrodent," John said on sighting me.

"Wow, Rowyn, I didn't recognize you," Rik said, giving me a hug. "You look great!"

His companion introduced himself as bikerwalla, aka Carmine.

"You're from FurryMUCK?" I asked, recognizing the koala-adorned badge he had.


"I know you!"

"You do?"

"Yes, from about 13 years ago -- I played Shirp," I said, half-expecting he wouldn't remember me.

"Shirp! Wow! I can't believe it! Here, let me give you a hug."

We stood outside talking for several minutes, while John went on inside to see about sketches. Rik took down my cell number and koogrr's, but didn't have one of his own to hand out. "I'm sure we'll run into you later. I don't know what we'll be doing the rest of the day, but we'll be at Capsule for sure." cargoweasel was hosting that: a "Chill Out Lounge" playing music* and filled with a variety of inflatable chairs. "Just the name alone sounds good," Rik said. "'Capsule'!"

At length, I wandered into the dealer's room to find Koogrr, although I first stopped by Max Blackrabbit's table to see if I could get a sketch. Then I walked through the whole of the dealer's area, searching for Koogrr.

I ran into Rik and Carmine again. No Koogrr. I checked out the Artist's Alley and saw shatterstripes working a table near the door. And bard_bloom and beetiger wandering the alley, looking for the artist who'd been doing airbrush body paint the day before.

But still no Koogrr. Okay, I thought. Now I know why I haven't found queenofstripes yet during the con. I came here with Koogrr and he was only out of my sight for five minutes, and I still can't find him! I nearly broke down and tried calling him on his cellphone, but he found me a few minutes before I was ready to try that.

Once reunited, we chatted a little with shatterstripes and ceruleanst in Artist's alley, then did another circuit of the dealer room and found awolf, so we stopped to chat with her for a bit, too. Next we set out to take another look at the art show. The Azraelbunny print still didn't have a bid on it, so I put one down. We bumped into shaterri here, and he said that he planned to go for dim sum in a couple of hours, and did we want to come?

At this point, we remembered that we hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch yet, and it was nearly noon by now. "That'd be great! Uh ... sooner would be even greater, in fact." We settled on one o'clock. John and I went back to the room to drop off our dealer's room purchases, then to the lobby to sketch while we waited. I think John finished inking his picture for Chiaroscuro about now, and gave him his sketchbook back, although that might've been after lunch.

At one o'clock, we set out for the Chinese restaurant with Shaterri, lady_peregrine, and Jeff. It was seven or eight blocks from the hotel to the restaurant, and I'd changed into jeans and sneakers for the walk. I don't mind costuming at a restaurant, even if it's just me, but I didn't want to hike that far without comfortable footwear.

The walk went quickly: Lady Peregrine and I talked the whole way there, about writing and art and sythyry and World Tree and girlstuff and MUCKing. Lots of fun! At the restaurant, the men sat down in such a way as to place her and I on either side of Koogrr. I joked that they were splitting us up to keep us from chatting all through lunch.

The food itself was terrific, almost as good as the company. <3 I hadn't had dim sum in 15+ years and barely remembered what it was like. I don't think Emerald City has any Chinese restaurants that serve it. The first few things I tried I wasn't wild about, but I loved the steamed pork buns and some of the other items that came by later. :9 By the time we were finished, I was rather sorry we wouldn't be coming back again, now that I knew what I liked.

Fortunately, everyone else wanted to come back, too. We agreed that we'd come back Sunday for lunch. Peregrine mentioned that queenofstripes might join us: "She said last night that she was sorry she hadn't gotten a chance to see you two yet." By now, I'd seen pretty much everyone on my list of "friends to meet at AC" except Kincaid, so I thought it'd be great to see her ar lunch the next day. But knowing the way cons and meals work, I wasn't gonna count on it.

* I did not, at the time, know what kind of music he'd be playing and realize that now, having been to it, I still don't know. Ask Shaterri or Koogrr. They know.
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