Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Hostile Takeover

I woke up from a dream at 5 AM, and thought briefly about getting up so I could write it down, and decided I was too tired and lazy to do so. It wasn't all that interesting a dream, anyway, though I like my title for it.

Nominally, the dream was about Toddler Bank, and did feature some people I recognized as working there. Toddler Bank, as an association, was under attack from the outside -- the employees were in physical danger, as if we were at war with a rival organization. The dream didn't take place at any of the bank's offices. Perhaps they were too dangerous for us to go to. The group of employees I was with, instead, spent its time on the move from one place to the next, trying to evade our enemies.

At one point, we discovered that there was a traitor among the ranks of Toddler's people: our CFO was working for the enemy. We fled our current location as it was struck by the enemy. I remember fleeing out of a window, and running along a ridge with a bunch of other people in front of and behind me. Below us was a highway that cut between the ridge we were on and the ridge on the other side, as if it were running through a canyon. I kept looking behind me for the enemy. I don't remember ever seeing any of them, but I felt that my life, and those of my fellow employees, was in great danger. We crossed a bridge over the highway to the other side, then went into a network of caverns. I briefly lost track of the other employees in the darkness, then I overheard one of my coworkers speaking in almost a tour-guide manner. I caught up to them, to find that they had joined with a tour group for camouflage. Several of my fellows were using the excuse of roasting marshmallows so that they could sit and rest after a long and exhausting run from our last hideout. I remember one of them looking at me with a conspiratorial smile. Tired, I went to join them by the fire. I wondered if this cover would hold.

That's where I woke up.
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