Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Peace and Joy: Unfortunately Right

The comic doesn't actually need page 19. If you go from page 18 straight to page 20, it makes just as much sense. I almost feel like I should've done more of a transition, maybe a caption box of "After Peace and Joy explain ..." but I don't really think it's necessary. Readers usually fil in gaps like that on their own without writerly direction.

I put page 19 in partly because I thought it wsa funny, but mostly because I wasn't sure I had enough material to get through to page 24. As it turned out, I wouldn't've had a problem. Page 22 in particular could've been expanded easily to two pages. But by the time I was getting page 22 scripted and pencilled, I had no desire to go 25 pages with this, so I left it all as is.

There's one thing in particular that I'd like to change about the Faerie Guard sequence -- I'd like to have the two guards make some comment about a "fear enchantment" on their uniforms. Maybe have the second guard show up in last panel of page 19, and say "I think you need to tone down the 'fear' enchantment on your armor, son" -- "Oh. Oops" -- instead of the current punchline. I think that'd be at least as funny and it'd make Joy and Peace look less silly for gibbering.

I'm pretty sure the original has a question mark after Peace's last question, but the scanner cut it off. Darn scan. I hate it when questions are missing question marks.
Tags: peace and joy

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