Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Peace and Joy: The Ladybug Queen

This page gets a bit cramped. If I hadn't already had plans for pages 23 and 24, I would've made this into two pages. Still, it does the trick.

I don't know why the floor in the first panel is slanting downwards. I think I meant that as some kind of perspective thing, signifying the camera was at an angle with the wall, but whatever it was, it didn't work.

When I said at 2AM that I had all the pages "roughly penciled", that usually meant that I had figures scribbled in. In the case of this page, I didn't have Peace and Joy drawn in the first panel yet. I remember starting with ink on this page and thinking "What the heck? Where are these speech bubbles coming from? Agh!" and hastily putting in the figures. Fortunately, Peace and Joy are easy to draw.

I'm not sure why the Ladybug Queen looks so un-ladybug-like. She has more of an ant's head. I think it's that I wanted to draw her seated on a throne and have her face be more expressive than I could (at the time) imagine making a ladybug's. If I were to redraw this, I'd make her look like a big ladybug crouching on an ornate throne-like stool, without arms or a back. I did make her a little more ladybug-like when I inked her in, giving the rounded winged back to her. Anyway, no big deal.
Tags: peace and joy

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