Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Peace and Joy: Charge!

Yes, that's Joy leading the Charge of the Ladybug Brigade. I forgot to ink in her hair. It would've been between 4:00 and 5:00 AM that I inked this page, and I'd been awake for 23-24 hours. I wasn't exactly sleepy -- in fact, I stayed up for two hours after finishing the inks on page 24, and went back to add in various details to prior pages. But I was still missing stuff. But not inking Joy's hair is probably the most impressive oversight. It's a lot more conspicuous than the couple of hands and the spearhead I missed on some prior pages.

One of the details I added after the fact was Will, and his "yes, thank you!" in the second panel of this page. I was feeling a little guilty that I'd introduced Will on page 2 but had shuffled him off camera after page 7. So I stuck him in here just so the reader wouldn't think I'd forgotten him.

Diana still talks too much. You can see her vying for space with Peace's dialogue at the bottom. Girl needs to learn brevity, I'm tellin' ya.
Tags: peace and joy
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