Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

I rather suspect today is going to drag. It already is. I went to lunch early because I was tired of being hungry. At least I'm not hungry any more, but the rest of the afternoon will doubtless linger for lack of interruptions.

I worked on a painting last night, sort of. I've been wanting to try watercolors again, ever since Anthrocon where I was looking at some work done in watercolors and colored pencils that I liked.

About 15 years ago, I bought some artist's watercolors, in tubes. Because I never throw anything art-related out, even if I don't use it for 15 years, I was pretty sure I still had it around somewhere.

Somwhere. After I started hunting for it, it struck me that "somewhere" very likely meant "at the bottom of one of the bazillion boxes still packed and resting in the basement". But I persisted in looking through the more likely non-packed hiding places. On checking the last likely place, I found a plastic box with brushes, oil paints, and watercolors. Woohoo!

I took it outside, because it was a lovely day outside and I wanted to enjoy it. I drew some leaves and got out the tube of blue-green watercolor paint. It'd gone all hard, but with a little work I got some out and dissolved it into some water and started painting. This went OK, and after a bit I got out a tube of brown paint. The brown paint was leaking from the sides but, much to my surprise, still liquid.

I dropped some water on top of it and started stirring. Much to my surprise, despite being in apparently better shape than the green, it didn't dissolve. In fact, I noticed as I tried adding more water, it was behaving more as if it were waterproof. Of all the ways for watercolor paint to go bad, this wasn't one that had occured to me. I stirred a little more, tried apply a bit to the paper with predictably poor results.

And then took another look at the tube of paint.

Which was oil paint.

Ohhhhhhh. Turns out I had a bunch of tubes of oil paint approximately the same shape and size as the watercolor tubes, as well as assorted much larger oil paints. (I actually like painting with oils, just not enough to go to the trouble of keeping paint thinner stocked in my house, and actually completing a painting). In fact, nearly all of the tubes that I'd thought were watercolor were oils. I had two tubes of watercolors total: one green and one white.

OK, so much for painting. I switched to working with watercolor pencils instead (at least I knew where those were). And it's coming out quite badly. If I had more sense, I'd give up on it as a total loss and start over, but I'm probably going to keep fiddling with it and see if I can salvage something.

Oddly, despite the whole effort being mostly a disaster, I feel good about the attempt. Like I'm giving myself brownie points for trying even though I failed. I did something in color! In a new medium! And it was awful! Yeah! Go me!

So that was my evening. How was yours?
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