Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Not Bulletproof

Lut's been sick since last Sunday. I hadn't been too worried about catching it, because often Lut will get sick with some awful infectious bug that half my friends list has, and I'll skate by without anything but minor systems. Rarr! For I am Exercise Woman!

Apparently, Spinach-eating Woman was better at fighting off disease, 'cause last night as I was coming home from work, I noticed the back of my throat and my ears were starting to itch. Rats.

I'd started to walk home, but met Lut halfway there, as he was driving to the store. "I tried to call you to offer a ride," he said. "I figure it must be ridiculously hot out here, because the house is set on 78 as usual and the AC hasn't been able to cool it below 82."

"Actually, it's not bad out," I said. "Low nineties. Cooler than it's been for the past several days. Which the AC handled fine."

"This is not a good sign."

"No," I agreed. "It's definitely not."

The remainder of the evening demonstrated that the air conditioner had, indeed, perished at last. THe temperature climbed to 86 inside, when we finally concluded that it was warmer inside than out and opened up the house. The death of my AC came has no shock to me, since it's well over twenty years old. I've been expecting it to die pretty since we fired it up at the beginning of summer 2004.

I spent an uncomfortable night waking up every hour or two, both thirsty and having to go to the bathroom because of all the liquid I'd drunk the last time I woke uup thirsty (and having to go the bathroom). Drank lots of mango-peach-orange fruit juice; I wanted something hot and not citric, but wasn't about to try making tea at 2AM when what I wanted even more was sleep.

So this morning, I headed off to work with promises to call the A/C people ASAP. Alas, the folks who quoted me the price of an AC when I got my furnace in 2003 couldn't find the quote, nor could I. So one of their techs is going to stop by my house and see what model I need to replace it, then call ma back with a quote. I'm guessing it'll be between $2000 and $2500; AC prices seem to have jumped since 2003. In any case, the soonest it'll get replaced is Monday, and I'm guessing it'll take longer than that. I briefly considered asking about repairing it, but with an antique AC it hardly seems worth it.

In the meantime, I'm drinking large quantities of tea and struggling to get through the work day. I told Lut I was thinking of leaving early, and he advised that I stay where the AC is. "If I wasn't so sick myself," he said, "I'd go to the library and spend the day reading instead of here." So I'm still here.

And I am, for all these misfortunes, surprisingly cheerful. For a weekend without AC, this one is a much better choice than the last one -- the next few evenings are forecast as fairly cool, and the highs for the days are in the low eighties instead of high nineties like they have been.

I am queerly sanguine about the cost of replacing the A/C. I have, after all, known that I was going to need to replace it for some time. Although it turns out that I don't actually have the money on hand to replace it. This is my own fault; I've been hemorraging cash the last few months, in part by putting it into retirement accounts.

Oh, goodie! The A/C fellow just called back and it's only going to be $1775 for the AC that I want. Total, tax included. Which is quite close to what I was quoted in 2003, so I'm happy. They should also be able to install it Monday afternoon, also good.

Oddly, I could get a comparable generic A/C installed for $400 less, but I barely even considered doing so. See, when I bought this house, it came with a Lennox furnace that was over 30 years old -- and still running. It had a Lennox A/C that's over 20 years old -- and was also still running. According to my inspector, these appliances are only expected to have a lifetime of 12-17 years. (A/Cs are somewhat more short-lived than furnaces.) The surprising durability of these particular fixtures has made me (perhaps unjustly) partial to Lennox. So, OK, I actually have cash on hand to buy the generic and I don't for the Lennox, but surely this cash crunch is temporary and I should get what I'd planned all along.

Or maybe I'm feverish and this is making my decisions bad.

I definitely gotta stop hemorraging cash. Yeah. In any case, I'll manage the money thing somehow; I always do.

My tongue is scalded from all the hot tea I've had. I bought fresh fruit last night, which I usually don't do, but this was a good move. I've eaten two of the four plums and one of the four bananas already. They tasted great. Eating the plum was like eating health. "Valkyrie needs plums badly!" This must be what those game designers had in mind. I felt better immediately. Unfortunately, the effects didn't last much longer than they do in a video game, either. I've got one more plum at work with me, but I'm waiting until I really need it to eat it. I gotta buy more plums.

Plums aren't expensive, are they?

Other things that have bouyed up my mood: I had a great time running Game of October last night. My players are the best. <3

And during my restless sleep last night, one of my dreams featured a Silver Scales protagonist, Kildare. In the dream he'd somehow wound up with a little girl in his charge. They looked very cute together. The dream was partly me writing events and partly the events happening; during the dream I thought "I have to stop adding in characters and ideas just because they make me smile at the time" but I don't think I was exercising this restraint. :)

Looking forward to the weekend. And my next plum. Which I think I'll have right after I get this next cup of tea.

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