Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

A Dream of a Headless Rabbit

I was part of an expedition in a fantasy land, with four other people. One of them was an anthropomorphic rabbit whose head was detachable; she'd take it off sometimes and carry it. She was the reason we were on this expedition -- there was something she needed to find out, or get. The other three were friends of hers: a married couple and a single man who was the expedition leader and who knew about charting and mapping. I had somehow gotten here from Earth, while on a trip to Las Vegas, and didn't know how to get back, but I wasn't worried about this.

We'd just finished the overland part of the journey and reached the mountain and cavern entrance for the next stage. Some people in a village nearby showed us a chart of what they had mapped out, and the leader carefully copied it down, working out the distances for each twist and turn of the trip. We were headed for a place in the "largely unknown" section, which had weird markings on it, like 'the place is off to your right but you can see it on your left'. Everyone thought it was very dangerous.

The party had an argument here. The married cocuple wanted to turn back, thinking it wasn't worth the risk. The rabbit finally said, "I don't care if you're going or not, I am. I have to." She set out, and the leader and I exchanged little shrugs then followed her. Exasperated, the other couple followed, too.

The first part of the cavern didn't look anything I'd expected. To start with, it wasn't a cavern. It was more like hallways inside a great mansion. At first, the passages were dark, with little braziers along the wall. The married man had a hand-held device that was lit at one end, and he'd wave it near the braziers to light them as we went. It seemed to be magic.

But after a while, the braziers vanished but the hallways were still lit. And there were people around. They were well-dressed, like servants and guests in a modern manor house. They were all going about their business, just like we were, giving us occassional odd glances because we were so differently dressed. I asked the leader who'd built this place.

"The Lythe clan. No one knows much about them."

"But isn't it supposed to be deserted?"


We went on. I got ahead of the others by a little bit as we neared the end of a hallway and into a large open space. A lot of noise was coming from it: jangling and ringing and tinkling sounds.

I emerged into the great room. It was full of slot machines and gambling tables, and people in 20th century dress playing them. I gawped, walking forward and staring around. Sunlight was streaming in through the glass doors at the front, and I could see the Strip outside. I turned to look for my friends, and found the leader. I gave him a big hug and said excitedly. "It's all right! I know where we are! This is Las Vegas. Remember when I said I'd come from Las Vegas? We're in my world now."

He hugged me back and smiled at me, and I thought his face looks handsome when he smiles. He looked both pleased and worried, and said, "I'm not sure I want to be in your world, though."

"I'm not sure I want to be here, either," I admitted. "But there's a lot of cool stuff to see and do! And it's not dangerous here, not if you know your way around, and I do. So we're pretty safe."

Then we went to retrieve the rabbit and see if w could complete her quest. But first we had to chase after the married couple, who was trying to go up one of the down escalators, and that's where I woke up.

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