Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

More Guild Wars

Played some more Guild Wars tonight. Verified that most of the wrist pain is generated by the right-click-to-adjust-camera-angle phenomenon.

Unfortunately, this is likely to remain a problem for several reasons.

As far as I can tell, the game has no 'default camera angle'. I can't hit a key and have it reset to a fixed point. I can't even switch to first-person mode, because the first-person mode is bound to the scroll wheel and cannot be reassigned, and my trackball doesn't have a scroll wheel.

Every time I use the 'follow' command (either to catch up with an NPC or a party member), the game messes up my camera angle. So I constantly have to fiddle with the camera angle to fix it after following someone. After about 30 minutes of play, my hand hurts enough that the game is no longer fun.

Alternatively, I could figure out how to play the game without being able to see what's going on. Which has a certain appeal. Not needing to see what's going on is one of the reasons I usually like the healer-gameplay: I watch health bars and hit keys when they drop, rather than having to study the whole screen and figure out where the monster is at any given moment. Never been much good at the latter. Or enjoyed it.

If anyone happens to know a way to reassign these keys (the game does have a configuration panel that allows almost every other command to be reassigned, but not the ones bound to the mouse) or to get the camera angle to be fixed permanently, let me know. :)

In other news, I did restart my character. The new one is named Lilith (Silver Scales readers may feel free to worry now) Xion (all Guild Wars names have to be at least two words). She's obsessed with testing the limits of pain, endurance, and corporeal bodies; her fascination is partly clinical ("now, what happens if I do this?") and partly sado-masochistic. She became a healer because that gives her many opportunities to observe badly damaged people, while also cutting down on the need to find new research subjects every time she exceeds those limits. ("Oops.") Her secondary profession is necromancer. Y'know, gives her something else to do with the bodies if the healing bit fails. Waste not, want not!

As a character, this is rather more morbid than I usually make 'em. OK, a lot more morbid. But it seemed to fit well for an individual who's going to spend most of her time getting badly hurt, watching her associates get badly hurt, and killing things. Frankly, people who're happy under these circumstances almost have to be deranged. At least Lilith enjoys her work. :)

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