Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Immeasurable results

I took measurements this morning, without looking to see what my last ones were. I can't actually remember what they were last time, but I don't think they've changed much. Maybe gone up a little. Lemme see ….

Chest: 37"
Waist: 28.25"
Hips: 38.25"
Hair 19.75"

Ah, here are the last ones.. Not much change in my body. I don't think the 0.25" difference on waist/chest is significant; mostly a matter of how much I was inhaling at the time. So, I exercised for a month in order to stay exactly where I was. Oh well. At least I have biceps now. I really ought to eat less junk food.

I trimmed my hair last night, by about a third of an inch I'd guess, and measured it this morning. I think the hair-measuring thing has a variance of +/- 2". I remember I tried to measure it again the next morning, on September 16, and came up with a length that was an 1.5" longer than the night before. So I dunno that it's actually any longer. I'm sure it didn't really grow 2" in the last month.

Anyway, I'll probably keep doing this for a while and see if I can spot a trend. Eventually. Hopefully a positive trend. At least my hair didn't come out shorter. :)
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