Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

A mule named Chris

I just woke from a dream (I've been sick all week, and sleeping a lot more than usual, and at odd times). This dream faded quickly; I can only remember the end. I was on a farm with some other people. We trying to do some kind of blood testing, for medical purposes, I think, on the animals. We talked with the farmer about locating one kind of animal (a cow, maybe?) and the farmer said he'd go find one for us. We then asked a shepherd-sized dog if she knew any mules that might agree to it. The dog said there was Chris, who should be nearby, and she'd go look for him. I remember the dog being on a very long leash, or lead line, maybe, and running off down the road, much faster than we could go, then running back to check on us. At one point, I dropped the leash, afraid she'd get run over by the farmer's jeep. She wasn't in any real danger, but she ran back to me, and I petted her and asked her to be careful. She promised she would be, and ran off down the road again.

A moment later, Chris came out of the trees alongside the road. Chris was one REALLY BIG mule. Earlier we'd been talking to a horse so large my shoulder was about level with his underbelly. Chris was almost as tall; I don't think the top of my head reached the top of his withers. He was quite friendly and agreeable to the test. I was petting his neck and shoulder, and one of the people I was made some off-color joke about me and the mule, to which. I replied, somewhat stiffly and embarrassed, that I was at entirely the wrong end for that. Chris and the others seemed amused. No one was being mean, and I wasn't upset. This is where I woke up.

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