Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Welcome to Orlando

My flight out Friday night was about 30 minutes late departing, which was somewhat disturbing as my connecting flight was scheduled to leave 25 minutes after my original arrival time. My fears were allayed, however, by assurances from the gate attendant in Emerald City that my connecting flight was running an hour late. I wound up in Orlando about forty-five minutes later than scheduled. Still, not too bad.

One of the first things John mentioned to me was going to the game at jordangreywolf's tomorrow.

"Jordan's having a game tomorrow?"

"Of course."

"But there was a game last week and he usually only has one every other week."

"Yes, this is the irregular session, because you're here. Next week will be the regular session."


The game was awesome (as usual). This marks my fourth guest-star appearance as Jing Li. The saddest part of the game was that we evacuated our home base at the beginning of the game because it was under attack. Later, when we returned, we found out that our allies had taken a beating trying to defend it for us. :( Afterwrds, when I was talking to John, I tried to remember why I hadn't been worried about our alies at the time we left. I remembered being a little concerned, but mostly because the people attacking us seemed to think we were the bad guys and I thought we might've been able to persuade them otherwise if we'd tried -- thereby making allies of them. Later, I realized my problem: the attackers were fighting the troops in the "quarantine zone". Last time I was here, the troops in the quarantine zone had been our enemies, too. I'd forgotten that since then, we'd made allies of the troops. I had known this, I'd just forgotten it. ^_^;; So I have an excuse but my character doesn't.

There were, however, many more fun moments in the game, including losing track of one of the other PCs and turning on the news to find out what had happened to him and where he was. ("Scars, where are you?" "I'm totally lost, I have no idea." "Well, run up to a street sign, we'll see it on the news channel!" "Now I know how Iraqi soldiers firing ICBMs must've felt in the first Gulf War.") Jing Li, my character, got to fire a rocket launcher at point-blank range, which impressed almost everyone and was surprisingly effective. :) John's character, to my utter surprise, talked one of our most insane enemies into helping us out and she's now tentatively allied with us. (And gave us much usful information. "I never thought I'd say this, but Darla was right." O_O) playfuleye's PC had a date and went shopping for a dress, triggering shopping expeditions for several of the rest of us. Four of us got coordinated outfits, very cute. :)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Yesterday, John and I were talking about things we'd like to do in the next session. We should write up an email to send Greywolf about it.

Sunday, we did a lot of lazing around the house in the morning. John got a phone call from work but I figure he'll write about that if he wants to. We went out for a late lunch, and then shopping. (SHoping was John's idea. He wanted to go shopping with me. No, really. <3 )

We got home late and did some more lazing around, then watched several Futurama episodes. So now I finally know what Futurama is.

Today and tomorrow, John's at work, so I'm just lazing around the house reading his comic books and LJ. I may install Puzzle Pirates on his machine. If nothing else, it'd finally give me the chance to show him the game. :)

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