Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Feeling Good

I went through my regular workout today. I haven't been wholly indolent so far this vacation -- John and I have done some walking around and I did some exercises last night -- but it feels good to have done my whole regular routine. Now I'm showered and clean and feeling nicely relaxed. If I manage to finish a Silver Scales entry today, I'll even consider myself productive. :)

Last night, after koogrr got home, we invited playfuleye, gwendelkitty and jordangreywolf over. The idea was to watch a video and/or play a game. I rather wanted to play more SPANC (Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl), a cute and simple game John got back in August. Except that SPANC only alows a maximum of four players. At first, Moonwolf volunteered to sit out, but Greywolf had spotted Tales of Tomorrow, one of John's graphic novels that I'd finished readng earlier in the day, sitting out. The lure of graphic novel was a strong temptation for him, so we figured the rest of us could play SPANC and he could read in contentment. So Jordan sat on the couch reading and laughing, occasionally laughing at the comic book and occasionally at the flavor commentary we invented for the narrative.

The first several times I played SPANC, it was a pretty quick game; I think the longest one went for an hour and a half, maybe two hours. This one went for nearly three. It would've been quicker if we hadn't had three rounds of ganging up on whoever was about to win and stopping them. :) In the end, we all had enough loot to win, but gwendelkitty had the most so she took the victory.

By then, Greywolf had finished reading and was drawing a picture of three of the Superior City NPCs, in a scene from the last session: Jing Li (my character), Nao, and Abigail, all wearing their new thematic kimonos and shopping. So cute! I was particularly pleased because I'd wanted a picture of the three in their new outfits. Heehee! And Moonwolf drew a cute SPANC-themed Sasta picture. <3

After that, everyone went home and we went to sleep.

Today, well, apart from exercising, I haven't done much. At about 5PM, Moonwolf is going to come over and take me to meet John at a dance studio, where the three of us will have a dance lesson. We think it's a ballroom dancing class but none of us actually know what kind. Should be fun!
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