Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Home Again

I got home yesterday, after a lovely vacation. I'd misremembered when my flight left on Sunday, thinking it was afternoon instead of morning, and didn't uncover my error until I'd stayed up to 2AM gaming with jordangreywolf Despite the inconvenience of only getting three hours of sleep bfore the flight (and worse, making poor koogrr only get three hours because of course he was gaming with us and he had to drive me to the airport) I can't bring myself to regret staying late at the game. It was a cool session! Still, I wish I'd had more private time with John on Sunday.

As it was, mostly what I did Sunday was sleep. Travel usually wears me out anyway, so this wasn't much of a surprise. It's good to see Lut again, and we did some snuggling while I read and he played Eve, in between bouts of me sleeping.

The dance lesson last Tuesday evening was quite cool. John had won a free lesson a few weeks ago, and he'd asked first if I could come, then if playfuleye could come too, and the dance instructors had agreed to both additions. When we arrived, we learned that they'd been raffling off tickets for the last three years, and John was the first person to actually claim the prize. The wife, Judi, was tickled to see us. And that made me feel better about the three-for-the-price-of-one lesson -- it was like all three years were finally getting claimed at once, instead. :)

They asked what dance we wanted to learn -- I wanted to learn some swing steps, and John and Moonwolf didn't have a preference, so we swung. Whee! At the game Saturday, I heard Moonwolf teaching the steps we'd learned to varjohaltia. Heehee! John and I practiced the dance steps again on Wednesday; I should do the solo practice while I'm home, so that I don't forget completely. It was really neat to watch the instructors dance together, because they flowed with such practiced precision in even the simplest steps.

Wednesday, koogrr and I watched some of "Gormenghast", a peculiar BBC production set in a fictitious quasi-medieval "earldom" that appeared to be the whole of the characters' known world. We also did a bit of dancing and reading and fiddling with computers, and went out to Panera Bread for the art jam. This time I even drew! At the art jam and everything! Imagine that. I'll scan the picture later. Jordan was doing illustrations for his Warcraft game at Necronomicon, and gwendelkitty was drawing pictures of her adorable troll character. Such cute li'l tusks! John and Jordan talked about game ideas.

Thursday we finished watching "Gormenghast" and a short video, "Gamers", that was surprisingly entertaining given its low production values. John and I also discussed game ideas some more. In the evening, we went over to gwendelkitty's house to play "Knights and Cities", one of the expansion versions of "Settlers of Catan", with her and Chris. The game was a lot of fun, as usual. Jordan got home late, and bearing a massive crate of food, leftovers from his job. So. Much. Food. O_O

And I think I'll leave the other days for a later post. G'night, LJ.
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