Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Short dull dream, move along

This morning, I dreamed I was in a store looking at hot tubs. I actually would like to own a hot tub, but I live in a fully carpeted apartment, and any kind of hot tub would be impractical for it. The hot tubs in this store were particularly unlikely. They were huge models, and some of the displays weren't of hot tubs, but rings of seats that could be put in a hot tub the size of a small inground pool.

I told the proprietor about my interest in hot tubs and how I didn't think these would work, but that one of the portable inflatable models I had seen elsewhere seemed more feasible for me. He pooh-poohed the idea of the inflatable ones, and dragged out an example he had in back to show me why he didn't like them. It was ... very strange. There were packages of tiny tubes, and a sort of slightly oversized slot holders for them, like test tubes holders. We slotted the little tubes into the holders, then broke off the tops, at which point they would self-inflate, and could be positioned around in a little kind of wall, as if to make the sides of the hot tub. But they were much too small. Soon, I ran out of tube holders. Instead, there were these wood and glass cases with shelves. I looked at them and thought "I could put the tubes on them, but how is that going to work." One of the wood and glass cases was large enough to be an entertainment center. I remember thinking that made sense, one could use the back of the hot tub for storage and display while the hot tub itself was packed away. (Yes, this is absurdly impractical, but this was a dream).

I woke before getting any farther. The to-be-assembled hot tub still didn't look anything like a hot tub.

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