Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Choose a Bear

On Wednesday, one of my co-workers, Karen, handed me a teddy bear. Naturally, I hugged it. "Would you give this to Pam for me?" she asked.

Pam was collecting teddy bears for charity, as Christmas presents for children. She'd be delivering them, to kids on Saturday, accompanied by several other employees. I added the teddy to Pam's collection, and paused to talk to Karen about stuffed animals.

"I got these two giant pegasuses from Costco, for the Toys for Tots box," I said.

"Oh! I saw those. Those are adorable."

"They're so cute! And cheap! I always wanted giant stuffed animals like that as a kid, and I remember wishing there were charities that gave them away because my parents wouldn't buy one for me. Of course, when I was a kid you couldn't buy a giant stuffed animal for $12.00. Anyway, my boyfriend was sure that weren't both going to make it here. But I have enough unloved stuffed animals already; I wanted these to go to a good home."

"We could keep one here as a mascot," Karen said. "At my old workplace, one of my co-workers collected teddies. He had them all over his office; you'd walk in and they'd be hanging from the rafters. Everywhere. He had two chairs in front of his desk, and each of them had a big teddy sitting in it.

"If you came into his office with a problem, he'd say, 'Choose a bear' and gesture to the chairs. Then you'd pick up a bear, sit down, and hold the bear in your lap while you talked to him. And whatever problem you had, of course it was impossible to stay mad with a teddy bear in your lap. When the president came to our offices, even he would always stop by my co-worker's office to sit with a teddy."

Two days later, and I'm still thinking "what a great idea" about that story. Maybe I'll check this weekend to see if Costco has any giant pegasuses left. The office could use a mascot.

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