Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The most useful thing I did last night was create a rumor for Sinai.

I suppose at some point I ought to explain what Sinai is for the benefit of any "new readers" I might have on LJ. However, as my present conclusion, based on the feedback that I get nowadays, is that I have fewer readers on LJ than I did on OD, and less chance that anyone is going to stumble across me. I think people reading the friends' pages of those few who have me as a friend is about the only way anyone is going to happen upon me.

Cutting to the chase: If you want to know what Sinai is all about, you can try the webpage or you can leave a comment asking about it. Otherwise, I'm going to assume anyone reading this already knows, or does not care. Or both.

The rumor I made for Sinai was inspired by four words tossed out by Brenna, presumably pretty much at random. She said, "Art, critics, planets, and right hooks." My rumor was: "New production at the Opera House, "Ashtoreth, Abaddon, Sinai: A Love Story Across Worlds" opens to harsh reviews from critic Juliard Plat! Afterwards, singer Ada Marlis shows him that, whatever she may lack in vocal range, she has a /mean/ right hook..." I am easily entertained.

On my to-do list for tonight (not necessarily in this order):

--Make a new rumor, gossip-mongerer that I am
--Write out my starter for the Rory log tomorrow night
--Write some snippets for use in the Rory log, so that when I need to cut to a new scene I won't be staring at the screen thinking, "Duh. What should this room look like?"
--Figure out what will happen next to Elise
--Decide what possible events might (or might not) happen in the next Mirari logs.

It strikes me that unless you are a friend of mine who plays on Sinai, my to-do list is wholly comprised of inscrutable and arcane activities. I will add something mundane to it just to prove that not everything I do is esoteric.

--Make cookies.

See? There, a nice normal activity. Of course, I probably won't get around to doing that one, but you never know...
Tags: gaming
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