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I want to do New Year's resolutions for 2006, but I've not been able to decide exactly what I want them to be. My favorite resolutions from the past two years (2003 is the first time I made any) have been the ones I can measure. And I'm not sure how to measure some of the things I want for 2006. So I'm going to start here with a list that of things that I'm hoping for. Later I'll figure out the goals that perhaps will help me measure them.

In a nutshell, though, I want more.

I want to do more
  • writing, especially fiction, but more about my life and thoughts, too

  • submitting stories for publication

  • reading, especially for pleasure, but also more news and literature

  • artwork, especially detailed finished pictures and pictures for other people

  • playing games

  • saving money

  • things that make Lut and Koogrr happy

  • things that make my other friends and family happy

  • petting the cat

  • exercising

  • eating well

  • relaxing

  • being happy

  • cleaning

There's not a lot I want less of right now. Less
  • stress

  • depression

  • spending time on things I neither particularly enjoy nor particularly want to get done

would be nice, of course. But I don't feel as though I'm suffering from much of any of those things presently.

I think making goals out of all of my hopes would be problematic. At some level, I start to stress over accomplishing my goals, so I don't want so many targets that it interferes with relaxing and being happy.

And petting the cat.

*pets the cat*

I'll work out some goals later.
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