Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Dance of Spring

The February resolution to do more drawing has been somewhat iffy. Granted, I've averaged at least twenty minutes per day of drawing -- over the course of the Florida trip alone I must've spent fifteen hours on art. The week since my return has been much less inspired. In all respects. I haven't done any new entries in unfinishedtales since last Wednesday. I've done a little sketching but skipped several days. The most creative thing I've done since getting home is baking cookies on Monday.

However, I do have some stuff from the Florida trip, so I scanned in one of those to post. On the other marker-work I've scanned with my new scanner, I wasn't too too happy with the way the colors came out, but I think this one was actually improved by being scanned.

I like the concept for this piece, and am kinda-sorta happy with the way it came out, but I dunno. The shadow-man, in particular, didn't come out right. Maybe I'll try the same idea again someday.
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