Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Art: Zsofi

This is a picture of Zsofi (one of koogrr's characters, originally created by gen. I'm not sure how funny it is for people not familiar with the character. The pose is a direct rip off of a Zsofi sketch playfuleye did. Oh, I forgot the copyright notice on it. Copyright me and all relevant people, etc. etc., you get the idea.

While I was in Florida, I asked John at one point what to draw, and he suggested jokingly "Zsofi, with a huge chest, like the kind in Polymer City Chronicles." I drew the cartoon and caption, liked the sketch but thought the joke lacked punch.

The balloons came later. I think they substantially improved the piece.

I colored it over the next couple of days. Even though the background is relatively simple, I still didn't enjoy coloring it. While I was working on it at Panera, I mimed my brain leaping from my head and crawling away out of sheer boredom, leaving me a drooling, marker-wielding zombie. "Doing background ... so ... dull ...." *splat* *drool*

I should probably do a cartoon of that.
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