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I've not felt very productive for most of the last three weeks. I don't know that this is exactly fair of me. I was on vacation from the 11th to the 19th of February, so my mind writes those off as "unproductive" -- even though I posted three entries to unfinishedtales and finished two full-color pictures during my vacation.

Then the last two weeks have been unproductive because I haven't been posting regularly to UT. One detailed pencil sketch and two short entries don't count as sufficiently productive. I think that assessment is fair -- those two weeks were slow -- but I ought to give myself credit for Doing Stuff while on vacation.

Anyway, I am starting to feel back on track for being Productive. I re-started the long-dormant "Game of October" last Friday night, and have run a total of three sessions since. The Saturday sessions were especially fun. Heehee! The trouble with RP is that most people don't know about the campaign and so won't appreciate the funny bits, and the people who either already know them or it'd be a spoiler to tell. Ah well.

I've got another log scheduled for March 25th, and am trying to schedule one for this weekend, since I'm fly out to California for the weekend of St. Patrick's Day. One of my players has withdrawn from the campaign, which makes me sad, esepcially since I liked the character. On the other hand, that only leaves five PCs to juggle so the game will be a bit more manageable from here. (Maybe not 18.33% more manageable, but still.) I often don't mentally count logs as "productive" but I'me going to start. If I count them as "goofing off" I'm not going to do them, because they take a lot more effort than other goofing-off activities like Puzzle Pirates.

Additionally, I finally did a decent-length entry to UT last night, so I'm happy about that. Not that it's a great entry or anything special, but it's done, which means I'm writing again.

Which is what writers do, after all.

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