Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The week in review

I know this doesn’t happen a lot, but it seems that way. I find some time to write, and can’t remember what I wanted to write about.

This week seems like it’s been short, and really busy.

I spent almost all of Tuesday evening chatting with Greywolf on Sinai. About a bunch of different things, including dieting, of all things. (Imagine that, talking to a man about dieting). But also about various plots on Sinai, and about my novel, and assorted other topics. I don’t often spend my evenings just talking; I feel a certain pressure to be ‘doing’ things—if not work, then play. But it was nice to talk for a while. Besides, we needed to hash out some of those plot details anyway. :)

Wednesday evening I got home late, thanks to a miscommunication between Lut and I about whether he would be picking me up. (He thought he wasn’t; I thought he was. Whoops.) I goofed around in Warcraft 3 some, and did a little plotting with Lynx and Myrral for the Thursday Mirari game.

Thursday we ran the usual twin Mirari sessions, Tom and Agatha mostly taken care of by Lynx, and Myrral and I handling Alice. The sessions went well, with my mood following my usual pattern of dread leading up to the session, waning anxiety as I run things, and by the end I’m feeling good and all set to schedule another game for next week. I told Lynx to ask me again next Sunday, this time. We’ll see if I’m still feeling good about the idea then. :)

Tonight … I really need to get some more writing done. (The astute reader may have noticed the conspicuous absence of ‘I worked on my novel’ anywhere in the above.) I did get my obligatory ‘sentence or two’ done on Tuesday and Thursday. (Nothing written on Wednesday, but I’m not required to write every day.)

For anyone who’s curious—five months ago, in May, I vowed to follow a set schedule in working on a novel. I rarely mention it on LiveJournal because I’ve been keeping my notes on my progress in my FreeOpenDiary account. However, to sum up: I have been keeping to that schedule virtually without fail since May. Of course, the schedule predicted it would take me two years to complete the final draft of the novel, so this isn’t exactly stunning progress. Nonetheless, I’ve at least showed dedication so far. :)

I’m planning to leave work early today, meaning I should probably go punch back in from my lunch break. Thanks to the late evening on Wednesday, I’ve got almost two extra hours to shed this week. (Not that it’s disastrous for me to put in a little extra time, but the general attitude to OT is somewhat hostile at Toddler Bank, which is Fine By Me because I don’t like working forty hours a week, never mind more than that. Besides, we had Monday off for Columbus day, so I’ll only get standard pay for extra hours, giving me even less incentive to work them.)
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